QURANIC GUIDANCE - Salat Kit version 1.11
By: Mikail Yazbeck

Introduction & Opinion:
An important principle concerning Islamic practices (as far as we see it), is to remove yourself from the current popular and institutionalized practices.

One must focus on what the Qur’an presents a practice as, and how the Qur’an illustrates that practice. This is so we may carry it out as God intended. Remember God gives the instructions on Islam, not men.

The most popular topic in Islamic practice is usually “How do I make salat?” As you’ve just seen above the answer is surprisingly simple, but is difficult to accept due to the insistence and demand of people that salat must be a certain exact way. Sunnis, Shias, and some Muslims have a difficult time with this because they have been influenced/conditioned so much by traditions, that they feel there must be a standardized format. Our dear brothers and sisters are afraid of doing something in a “wrong way”.

What you will find in the Qur’an is that salat consists of basic principles/components, along with a few steps. In our humble opinion, God then expects us to carry out the salat using the basic components presented in the Qur’an (see below).

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